is a therapeutic visual into understanding my own mortality and the acceptance that even though in all things death is imminent  there is an immortality of the soul, a transient spirit that still remains.Theses images represent my fear, anxiety and ever present reality that everything must die. 
Inspired by 17th century Danish artwork- and the beauty of transient and imperfect things. 


personal space

 I chronicle the personal order and disorder of people’s everyday life, and their environments, as it exists.

2019_ashley_0001_20 copy.jpg

altered state

This piece work revolves around the self -identification, and evolution of women as they navigate through cultural and societal restraints in both the entertainment industry and mainstream society. Dancers who wanted  to support themselves dancing , traveled every week  to New Jersey  to dance in go-go bars during the mid 1980s. It was  not easy to dance around the stigma attached to these types of entertainment venues.