Self Portraits

Self Portraits revolves around the self -identification, and evolution of women as they navigate through cultural and societal restraints in both the entertainment industry and mainstream society.

“Mama Was A ShowGirl”, December 2018


Self identification 

Looking through a prism of memory, nostalgia, and desire 

In Mama was a Showgirl, I revisit a time when body image and self-worth was a presiding factor in my life -.Now finally released from the physical attributes I embrace the body I now have and dance for the pure feeling of joy it brings me.



is a visual and audio presentation about trained NYC dancers who traveled to New Jersey to pursue work as dancers in the mid 1980s.

 Donned  in rhinestone 'G Strings, high-heels and giant feather headdresses we performed two rigorous  shows  a night, six nights a week.  Some of us fully embraced the seductive glitz and glamour of  the Vegas styled revues,  while others found financial independence and flexibility  dancing  nights at the local Go-Go bars and clubs.  Despite our talent, training and professionalism 

It was not easy to  dance around the stigmas attached to these types of venues.


JERSEY GIRL$$$: professional dancers talk about their personal experiences and the  pros and cons of working in stigmatized venues that compensate you for being the object of the male gaze.