jersey girl$$$


This piece work revolves around the self -identification, and evolution of women as they navigate through cultural and societal restraints in both the entertainment industry and mainstream society. Dancers who wanted  to support themselves dancing , traveled every week  to New Jersey  to dance in go-go bars during the mid 1980s. It was  not easy to dance around the stigma attached to these types of entertainment venues.



show  me how you burlesque

Creating scenarios with sets and  costumes to test the influence of environments on speaks of the human experience and individual identity as she juxtaposes  between the past and present to  explore  how  much influence environment has on the evolution of one's identity. 


lot #9

is a visual reminder that my childhood was so much more than the four walls and ceiling that encompassed each room. For a period time it was the physical space my family occupied. Where they built an internal foundation of  unconditional love, guidance and support that was passed on to me and that I now have passed on to my family. I no longer feel saddened that the physical structure is gone. I realized that everything of importance I took with me.

 Over the course of my life I will occupy many spaces. Each space I leave behind will become an intangible memory.

Images include personal items from my childhood.