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CJ  Reitman  (she/her)  Portrait & Still Photographer

Her work revolves around memories, self -identification and personal evolution as she juxtaposes  between the past and present to  explore how much influence the environment has on the evolution of one's identity.  

Born in Queens,NY she was Inspired and nurtured by the musical talents of her mother  and spent most of her life in the performing arts as a professional dancer. During that time she began documenting her personal and professional evolution through photographs. ​

A lot  of her photographic work  centers around  women as they navigate through cultural and societal restraints in both the entertainment industry and mainstream society. 

In her portraits  she speaks of the human experience in finding the transitional moment  when the subject is in their most natural state of being in an attempt to capture the moment of authenticity.

Reitman holds a BFA in Photography & Related Media from the Fashion Institute of Technology. Her work has been exhibited in group shows in NYC, Vermont and Florida.